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Stronghold Festival is a four day event for those who want to draw deeper into relationship with God the Father through his Son Jesus, in the wonder-working power of the Holy Spirit. Set in the epic landscape of the Scottish Highlands, you are invited to truly come away to be with the Lord and experience His love in a new way. Come and be changed. Come join the revival.
the highland experience

Who may ascend onto the mountain of the Lord? And who may stand in His holy place? - Psalm 24:3

The scriptures are filled with holy mountains. They were a place the Jews would ascend to draw nearer to the Heavens, and Jesus climbed mountains to come into a space of prayer and intimacy with the Father. Stronghold Festival is hosted at Craig Lodge Family House of Prayer, nestled between the beautiful mountains that surround Dalmally in Argyll, Scotland. This is a perfect place to come away from the bustle of life and draw near to the Lord. Don't forget your tent! 

powerful talks

Worship God! For it is the Spirit of prophecy who bears testimony to Jesus - revelation 19:10

When we testify to who Jesus is, we are speaking not only of the wonders he has done in us or in the lives of others - but we are prophesying over every listener and calling breakthrough into being. Our speakers are so excited to share who Jesus is and how he has acted in their own lives, in the hope that you will receive renewed faith for what he can do in your own life.


But you are holy, you who inhabit the praises of Israel - Psalm 22:3

The Lord inhabits the praises of His people: He loves to hear His people sing, and to dwell within the Stronghold that is built when we sing his praises. Worship is central to all that we do at Stronghold. Our praises are a way to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth; worship changes us, and it changes those around us too.

sacrament focussed

Draw near to God and he will Draw near to you - james 4:8

The sacraments are given to us by the church as a means of drawing into deep intimacy with the Lord. They are visible signs of an invisible reality; they manifest Heaven on Earth and have the power to help us to build a deeper relationship with the Lord. As embodied souls, we need our love also to be embodied, present in a word spoken, a hand held - this is why God so humbled himself to take on flesh by giving us His son Jesus, a visible sign who pointed always to His invisible Father in Heaven: all the sacraments maintain this mystery of the embodied and the heavenly woven together. From mass, to confession, to adoration of Jesus the Blessed Sacrament - these sacraments form the core of what we do at Stronghold Festival.

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"Truly jaw dropping experience. There are not enough positive words in the dictionary to describe the sheer power of God’s Love that I think was felt by all at the festival."